Event Photo Gallery

At the Opening of "Shadows-Leaves-Roses" Photo Exhibit, Monrovia, September 1, 2013.

At the 100 Thousands Poets for Change at Church of Truth, Pasadena, September 28, 2013.

Maja Trochimczyk lectures about Maria Szymanowska at the Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA, June 30, 2013.

Reading from Rose Always at Kathabela Wilson's Salon, 2013

Maja Trochimczyk at the "Bite Me" Art Exhibition, McGroarty Arts Center, March 16, 2013.

Maja hosts Mariano Zaro at Village Poets Reading, Bolton Hall Museum, February 24, 2013.

Maja Trochimczyk's photo and a quote at the Immigrant Experience Exhibition at Bolton Hall Museum, November 2012.

Maja Trochimczyk presenting the Modjeska Prize to Barbara Krafftowna at the opening of the Polish Film Festival, October 2012.

Maja reads poetry inspired by Susan Dobay's paintings at her salon with Rick Wilson, Kathabela Wilson, and Jean Sudbury, musicians, August 2012.

Maja Trochimczyk at the "Meditations on Divine Names" Book Tour at Bolton Hall Museum in Tujunga, July 22, 2012.

Maja with a Donkey at the Fourth of July Parade of Sunland-Tujunga, 2012

Anna Dymna receives the City of Los Angeles Commendation and the 2011 Modjeska Prize from Maja Trochimczyk, May 2012.

Maja Trochimczyk's Commendations for the End of Term as the Sixth Poet Laureate of Sunland Tujunga, April 2012.

Maja reads "See, how we dance?" inspired by Susan Dobay's Musicscape, Scenic Drive Gallery, Monrovia, February 18, 2012.

Maja Trochimczyk at the 40th Anniversary of the Helena Modjeska Art and Culture Club, Beverly Hills, October 15, 2011, with the honorary Proclamation by the City Council of Los Angeles and Commendations from the County of Los Angeles.

Maja Trochimczyk at The Poets and Artists Exhibition at the Scenic Drive Gallery in Monrovia, California, pointing to "Tiger Nights" assemblage, based on her poem of the same title, September 4, 2011.

Maja Trochimczyk with Dr. Blues, guitar, at her "Imagine Poetry" Reading at the Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council meeting, March 8, 2011.

Maja Trochimczyk reading her poem "Entropy" written for a painting by Henry Fukuhara at the "Painted My Way" exhibition, APC Gallery, Torrance, September 18, 2011. Photographs by: Anna Harley-Trochimczyk, Lois P. Jones, Susan Rogers, Kath Abela Wilson, Izabella Zuralski, Susan Dobay, and others.

For Photos from selected events in 2008-2010 visit the Photos 2008-2010 Page. List of Maja's Readings on YouTube is posted on her Poet Laureate Site.

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