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Poetry written in 2005-2011.
Published in 2011 by
Moonrise Press, Los Angeles.
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Inspired by the Songs of Songs and centuries of love poems, from Sappho to Milosz, this novella in verse consists of 85 lyrical poems and 24 brief, narrative fragments, based, in part, on authentic court documents. A range of literary allusions enriches this unlikely love story of a gentle crime victim and a troubled man, an ex-offender, rising above their traumatic past and learning to love.

Maja at a semi-staged reading
from "Rose Always" at
the Pasadena Public Library,
Wright Auditorium, 2008.

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"I'm enormously impressed by what Maja Trochimczyk has achieved. I note that she has been working for over 11 years on this very complex work, with its many layers of meaning and allusion. Her facility in writing about the innumerable nuances of love (naturally enough from a very feminine viewpoint) is simply breathtaking. Reading Rose Always is an exhilarating experience, even if I am sure that I have not always understood all of its subtleties."

~ Tom Berman, Israel
(scientist and poet, author of Shards and Rambles)

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Rose Always

12 Love Poems selected from

Rose Always - A Court Love Story

By Maja Trochimczyk

Wishing (Annunciatio)


Fresh, moist petals opened.
The rose flowered
in the garden of delight and beauty.
She waited for the one
who'd reach past sharp thorns,
past her childish defenses
into her heart.
She longed to be touched
and admired for her softness,
for the velvety glow of her blossom,
for the intense burst of pleasure
her fragrance would give
the one who cared enough
to come with a simple offering -
a life for the rose.


Up in Heaven
Madonna and Her angels
lost patience with my Death Wish
so they gave me a gift
for all times:

Down on Earth
a door opened
to the infinity
of love.

On Sunday
I saw the burning flame
from the Song of Songs
beneath your armor
of disaffection.

And, as T.S. Eliot said -
"all is always now."

Seeing (Revelatio)


I found my love in the desert.
He is real
as rocks in the stream,

as clouds flowing from the mountaintops,

as a kiss of sunlight at noon,

as the moon in the morning,

as the taste of mango on my lips,

as a tangerine,

as the baby's breath in my garden,

yes, as loving
as I am,
when I see him cry.


Of all the loves in the world
yours is the purest.
Of all the smiles
yours is the most endearing.
You know my secrets.
You care if I cry.

We met in sorrow
to share a joy
of looking at the turquoise sky,
that never was so blue
before or after,
with gold clouds
scattered like kisses
on time's soft veil.


The geometry of shadows
on the hillside
tells me it's five o'clock -

Time for the shadow
on your cheeks
to grow into rough kisses

Crowned with the gold
rays of sunset,
I'm still, full of silence -

Waiting for the earth
to shatter when
your lips touch mine

Knowing (Dilectio)


My love is like the weather -
good or bad, it simply is

And you have to live
with the heat of passion,
with the cold of indifference,
with the rain of tears
spilled in sadness
over lost chances, dreams,
hopes - broken

You have to live
with the snow of gentle kisses
falling all over your body,
covering you with a soft blanket
of innocence and peace


For you, I'm a pear
with persimmon flavor
bathed in vanilla milk,
my skin is smooth, electric
it tingles when you touch me

I sing -

Of all the gardens of the world,
all the orchards,
all the fruit-bearing trees,
all the roses,
I'm the richest.
my blossoms are most abundant,
my fragrance - the rarest,
beyond reach

Feeling (Consolatio)


How gently did you hold my hand
how tender was the kiss
that marked the passage into life
eternal kindness - joy

The angels sang
blue skies rejoiced
moon rose
like crescent of a smile

The shadow passed
tears were no more

You loved me


Olive, sky blue
milk chocolate

dark-red smoothness
bronze, indigo

delicately pinkish
bright white and gold

shine in a serenity rainbow
painted over the blackness

of time by broad, swift
brushstrokes of Mercy

Being (Redemptio)


I found another reason to love you
in Carpenters' Hall, Philadelphia.

The beginning
of their great adventure
and of mine - this was the proof
of the validity of it all,
the confirmation of purpose.

Without power over you
I have nothing,
but the purity of my affection.

It comes by stealth, unwanted
unannounced - it overwhelmed me
in the cross-shaped room
once holding the future
of your nation, just as the crossroads
of our chance encounter
held the future of my heart.

I know less and less each day
and I am grateful
for the ancient carpenters
who made your country
and for you, a carpenter
who made me
from the hard wood of sorrow
that softened
under your skillful touch
into love.


I found myself
in a perfect place

I laugh to tears
and I like what I see

After the broken pieces
of the Devil's mirror were
washed away from my eyes

There's no pain here,
no limits, only the infinite
glory of becoming one

With the Universe, one with
the Divine, stumbling on my way

No anxiety, no desire -
I live right here, right now

Thank you for the key
that opened the door to paradise -

Serene, fearless, I'm wholly
and whole made of love


I place you in the heart
of my rose, dark red one
with dew drops on its leaves.

Like a tricked-up baby
from Ann Geddes' postcard
you rest, snugly wrapped
in the comfort of my love.

"That too shall pass," they say,
"That too shall pass.
The rose will wither,
love will fade away."

Respectfully, I disagree.
I know the symmetry
of velvet petals
is but an opening
into a different universe,
a cosmic window,

I see it in the shyness
of your smile. Yes.
You are that lucky.

In the morning
when the curtains of mist
open above silver hills
carved from time
like a Japanese woodcut,
you taste freedom.

You found your true self
under the detritus
of disordered life.

Isn't it strange
that you've been saved
by the perfection
of just one rose?