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Poems for My Friend

By Maja Trochimczyk

(Selections from a Set of Ten)


I have a new name for you:
"The Keeper of My Tree."

Feeble, with crooked branches,
It grows, straightening
Into an ever-bluer sky.
It will yet blossom,
Embraced by a stronger, wilder one.
The roses, too,
Will follow from their sleep.

The Keeper does not do much
While the roots grow deeper
Under the watchful eye
Of the one
Who chose the way that's narrow,
Who, still surprising for himself,
Chose to see.


Green Christmas lights on the crooked tree
meet me at the corner with the sign of hope.
The new life is here. It had begun already.
It's mine.

In the desert soil of this Earth,
I'll grow my roots, too.

I'll be at home, at peace,
reassured by the roar of the engines,
by dirt bikes on wild mountain paths),
by the steadiness of burning sun,
by the hopeful, verdant growth
of my strange, fruitless trees,
flourishing under the tender care
of the one who said he did not.


In my dream,
The world did not end.

No. It lasted
While I was safely hidden
In your arms.
We slept in one bed.
Under thick covers, you kept me warm.

Awakened, I looked
(still dreaming)
Into your sweet, smiling eyes.

You tried to kiss me.
I said "No" -
Putting one finger on your lips
In a swift gesture
Stolen from an ancient fresco.

Holding hands, we walked outside
Into the crisp, cold air
Of a new morning.

That's when I woke up.

It was very cold.


I thought roses.
I thought rich, velvet blossoms.
I thought a red rainbow -
From deep crimson to delicately pinkish.
But the secret was underground
Where roots grow and grow,
Sustaining the multi-hued orgy
Of sensuous delight -
Flowers opening to dazzle and fade.

The strength of the rosebush
Is invisible.
You see the perfection of each leaf and petal.
You admire their charms.
But you care for what's out of sight,
Not for the obvious.

I thought your love.
I thought how you adore me.
I went deeper to find the source -
The mystic rosebush.

© Copyright 2007-2010 by Maja Trochimczyk.

Published by Moonrise Press, Los Angeles.

P.O. Box 4288, Sunland, California 91041-4288

© 2010 Maja Trochimczyk
All rights reserved.

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